Sydney Region Weeds Action Project 2010-2015

The Sydney Region Weeds Action Project is about state and local government managers all across Sydney working together to control and monitor the highest risk weed infestations, including new incursions and preventing weed spread in and around the most significant natural assets, endangered ecological communities, productive agricultural areas, wetlands and waterways. This 5 year project funds activities throughout the Sydney and Blue Mountains region that have a focus on:

  • Private property inspection programs and community education
  • Eradication of Boneseed and other high risk weeds that are not widespread throughout the region
  • Detecting and controlling new weed incursions
  • Containing the spread of African Olive
  • Reducing the impact of widespread weeds on significant biodiversity assets and productive agricultural land
  • Controlling aquatic weeds in strategic locations to protect high value waterways and catchments

Part of the project has involved a detailed planning process involving the four weeds committees in order to work out how the 5 year project can be implemented at a regional level.

The project’s regional planning documents include:

This project is funded by the NSW Weeds Action Program

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