Community Education

“No Space for Weeds” display at 2011 ABC Gardening Expo
Many of our members have been involved in putting together an educational display for this year’s huge Expo¬† 19th – 21st August, at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse

Sydney Weeds Committee President Jonathan Sanders did a presentation on the Plant Talk stage, on Friday morning.

Our key messages at the ABC Gardening Expo:
Weeds are plants that don’t belong where they are.
Weedy plants invading bushland and waterways are often spread from people’s gardens, being spread vegetatively (in grass clippings and green waste), wind blown seed or through berries eaten by birds.
People can make a difference by what they do on their properties/in their gardens, such as careful selection of plants, control of weeds, appropriate disposal of green waste and part of weedy plants that can spread easily (bulbs, tubers, seed heads etc)

Our educational display includes:
Live specimens of weeds
Planter boxes with examples of common weeds found in gardens and edges of bushland
A small pond with live examples of aquatic weeds
A selection of good native plants to use in the garden
Fact sheets, brochures, etc to provide more information about identifying and controlling weeds.

Bushcare display at 2012 Royal Easter Show
Some of our members were also involved in the “Bushcare” display at this year’s Easter Show.
Each week there are Bushcare groups working all over Sydney and Blue Mountains regions.
As part of Bushcare volunteering, you can learn about weeds, practice identification and control techniques.

For details on joining a local Bushcare/Landcare group go to these links:

Sydney Metropolitan Bushcare


Hawkesbury Nepean land/bushcare

Concord Carnival 2012
Canada Bay Council held a street fair in October this year. A weed quiz and plant giveaways were well received by the community.

Concord Carnival 2012Concord Carnival 2012