Weed Risk Assessment Training Course

  • Weed Risk Assessment Training
     June 14, 2018
     9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Course details

Name: Weed risk management
Description: This course has been developed to increase participant’s ability to assess the relative importance of weeds in their area to help prioritise their management.
Cost: $375
Course aim: To provide participants with the skills and knowledge to assess the risk and feasibility of control of weeds in a management area using the NSW Weed Risk Management system.
Learning outcomes: On successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • produce a report that details the weed problem in an area
  • identify and consult with relevant stakeholders
  • determine the weed population and distribution and factors impacting it
  • determine the risks and benefits to non-target species
  • identify appropriate times for weed control activities
  • undertake cost-benefit analysis of weed management
  • identify environmental impacts of weeds and their control activities
Length: 1 day
Course program/structure:
  • Establish the background to the target weeds
  • Analyse the target weeds in the area
  • Determine critical control points for management of the target weeds
  • Define and document the impacts of the target weeds
  • Prioritise weeds for control and determine appropriate strategic weed management actions
Resources and method of delivery: Background Information and Instruction books, as well as copies of the WRM Assessment form are provided.

This course is delivered using indoor instruction only.

Accreditation: This course has been mapped to the national unit of competency: AHCPMG413 – Define the pest problem.

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