About Sydney Weeds Committees Inc.

Sydney Weeds Committees, formed in 2010, is a not-for-profit incorporated association of organisations, primarily local councils, working together to coordinate weed management across all land tenures in the Greater Sydney region.  It is made up of four subregional weed committees: North, South West, Central and West Blue Mountains, comprising of members from local councils and other land managers responsible for controlling weeds.  An elected Board comprised of the Chair and Deputy Chair of each sub-regional committee provides the executive of the Sydney Weeds Committees promote the coordination of the four committees to facilitate collaboration, resource and information sharing and efficiencies in weed management and education across the region.

Sydney Weeds Committees Map

We aim to help coordinate weed control actions and resources to prevent further spread of weeds, and to protect the most important assets that we have – our endangered ecosystems, waterways, agricultural land and critical habitat corridors.

Much of the material for this website has been supplied by members of the Sydney Weeds Committees to help increase community knowledge of weeds, their impact and the techniques for control that make weeding a lot easier.

Special thanks go to the many members who have supplied photographs.  These include weeds officers and others who have worked with member agencies.  Particular thanks go to Rob Gleeson, Adam Burrowes, Sue Stevens and Terry Inkson (of Great Lakes Council) whose photographs are used extensively in weed identification resources.  Acknowledged also is the format of the ‘Garden Escapees booklet’, originally a publication by Great Lakes Council in association with the Mid North Coast Weeds Advisory Committee.  We relied heavily on the format and content of that booklet for the Sydney version.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is a guide only.  Sydney Weeds Committees does not accept liability for any loss and/or damage, including financial loss, resulting from the reliance upon any information, advice or recommendations accessed via this website.  Content on this site should not necessarily be taken to represent the views of the participating organisations. The most appropriate control methods and management of invasive species should always be checked with the Local Control Authority (local council). Herbicides should always be used according to the specific product label and safety precautions. 

Member organisations – subregions

Bayside Council – Central

Blacktown City Council – West Blue Mts

Blue Mountains City Council – West Blue Mts

Camden Council – South West

Campbelltown Council – South West

Canterbury Bankstown Council – South West

Central Coast Council – North

City of Canada Bay – Central

City of Parramatta – West Blue Mts

City of Ryde – North

Cumberland Council – Central

Fairfield City Council – South West

Georges River Council – Central

Hawkesbury City Council – West Blue Mts

Hornsby Shire Council – North

Hunters Hill Council – North

Inner West Council – Central

Ku-ring-gai Municipal Council – North

Lane Cove Council – North

Liverpool Council – South West

Mosman Council – North

North Sydney Council – North

Northern Beaches Council – North

Penrith City Council – West Blue Mts

Randwick Council – Central

Strathfield Council – Central

Sutherland Shire Council – South West

Water NSW – South West

Waverley Council – Central

Willoughby City Council – North

Wollondilly Shire Council – South West

Woollahra Council – Central

The Sydney Weeds Committees have 5 key goals:

Key Goal 1:    To provide a platform for our member organisations to have their views represented in regional, state and national weeds legislation, planning, policy and program development and vice versa.

Key Goal 2:   Instigate, develop and lead collaborative weed management projects amongst Councils and other agencies, within subregions and across the Greater Sydney region as a whole.

Key Goal 3:   Increase the weed management capacity of the staff in our member organisations in the Greater Sydney region.

Key Goal 4:   Increase community and industry awareness, understanding and engagement of weed issues and their management.

Key Goal 5:   Operate Sydney Weeds Committees efficiently and effectively.

The Sydney region is characterised by large tracts of highly urbanised areas intersected with patches of native vegetation.  Remnants of original bushland continue to exist as corridors, often in steep terrain, in the north and south; in isolated patches on the alluvial flats of the Cumberland Plain; and in large tracts in National Parks on the coastal and outer boundaries.  Many tiny fragments are scattered throughout the built up areas of central Sydney.  Much of Sydney’s bushland and waterways are threatened by invasive weeds and are under constant pressure from stormwater runoff with high nutrient loads.

The following information about Sydney Weeds Committees Incorporated is publicly available: