Giant devils fig

Solanum chrysotrichum
Toxic to humans stock and wildlife
Family: Solanum
Origin: Central America
Habit: Tall perennial woody shrub, 3-4 metres high with thorns similar to a rose plant and long distinct rusty coloured hairy stems and petioles
Leaves: Broad ovate lobed leaves that finish in a distinct point, hairy below
Flowers: Autumnn to Spring, star shaped on branched white inflorescenses and yellow anthers, hairy outer surface
Fruit and Seeds: Yellow or orange yellow, globular
Roots: Might need care with control of root system of larger individuals if attempting manual removal
Dispersal: Bats, birds
Control: Hand pull individual plants and small infestations taking care to avoid thorns. Stem injection and Cut/Paint technique for larger specimens. Check for off label permit for herbicide

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