Indian hawthorn

Rhaphiolepsis indica
A commonly cultivated garden plant especially in coastal areas due to its ability to tolerate drought conditions. Less weedy or sterile cultivars may be available.
Family: Malaceae
Origin: Asia, especially India and southern China
Habit: Drought hardy, evergreen, low growing, spreading shrub to 1-1.5 m high.
Leaves: Dark green on top, paler below; thick, leathery, serrated, ovate to elliptic or obovate, 3–7 cm long, 5–30 mm wide, pubescent or hairy at first, sharply toothed.
Flowers: Panicle of star shaped flowers 10 mm diam. Petals are white or pink, with five petals, and may be lightly fragrant.
Fruit and Seeds: Blue-black pome fruits each containing 1 or 2 seeds.
Roots: Extensive lateral, woody and relatively deep.
Dispersal: Seed spread by animals (mainly birds), humans, contaminated soil (earthmoving equipment, car tyres etc) and garden refuse dumping.
Control: Hand pull/dig, cut and paint, foliar spray.

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