Pueria lobata
This plant has taken over entire towns in America. We have had only one known reporting as of 2008. It is one of the most critical potential threats to Sydney riparian zones and bushland. Extremely difficult to remove once established with hardy tubers and rapid growth rate. Beware of this plant.
Family: Fabaceae
Origin: South America
Habit: Perennial climber with twining stems to 6m on supporting vegetation
Leaves: Oblong – triangular leaves, with finger-like glands on the upper surface, grow at right angles to the stalk.
Flowers: Perfumed tubular white flowers late spring to autumn. Sap a milky, sticky latex.
Fruit and Seeds: Leaves and pear-shaped fruit pods are greyish, covered in fine hairs. When the pods turn brown and split, they release thousands of tiny black seeds with a tuft of silky white hairs.
Roots: Expansive root system with crowns and deep tap root.
Dispersal: Stolons root at the nodes to form new plants by rhizomes. Also seeds in pods.
Control: Vital to dig out all tubers; also use skirting technique.
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