Liriope spp - fruit

Liriope, Lily turf

Liriope spp.
This is a very popular garden plant that is used extensively in landscaping for its hardiness in extreme conditions. It is just starting to become a problem in shaded riparian areas.
Family: Ruscaceae
Origin: East Asia
Habit: Clump forming and spreading, grass like perennial lily.
Leaves: Glossy dark green, narrow straplike, dense linear foliage from 20-50cm long and then recurves toward the ground to form rounded clumps.
Flowers: Spikes of small purple, violet or white flowers rise from the center of clumps.
Fruit and Seeds: Black, pea sized berries, each containing one seed.
Roots: Dense, fibrous root mass. Some species develop fleshy tubers.
Dispersal: Seed spread by water and humans via contaminated soil and garden refuse dumping. Spread locally by seed falling from plant and rhizomes
Control: In bushland situations: Hand dig (bag seed heads), Foliar spray. In the garden: cut flower heads before seeding, bag and dispose of by deep burial at a waste management centre.
Active management is neccesary in all garden situations to prevent this plant from degrading bushland.
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