Singapore daisy

Sphagneticola trilobata
Introduced as an ornamental. Deliberately planted as a roadside and railway embankment stabiliser in Queensland, now spreading in coastal areas of New South Wales. Also naturalised in Florida, Malaysia and on Pacific Islands.
Family: Asteraceae
Origin: Mexico to Argentina
Habit: Dense mat-forming perennial herb to 70 cm high, with spreading stems to 2m or more long that root at nodes.
Leaves: Simple, dark green above, paler below, 3-11 cm long, 2.5-8 cm wide, with white hairs and toothed margins, sometimes trilobed.
Flowers: Solitary in leaf axils with yellow disc and ray florets; to 3.5 cm wide on stalks 3-14 cm long . Flowerheads with 4-14 petals 6-15 mm long, inner (disc) florets tubular. Flowers spring to autumn.
Fruit and Seeds: Seeds 4-5 mm long, tuberculate and topped with Dandilion-like tufts.
Roots: Fibrous, shallow; rooting at the nodes.
Dispersal: Seed spread by wind, humans and contaminated soil (earthmoving equipment, car tyres etc) and garden refuse dumping. Plants will spread vegetatively by cuttings rooting at the nodes.
Control: Hand pull/dig bagging all plant parts and removing from site, Foliar spray.
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