Wild onion

Asphodelus fistulosus
Often in alkaline, sandy or well drained soil in Winter rainfall areas. Seed very resilient in soil.
Family: Asphodelaceae
Origin: Mediterranean
Habit: Annual, Bi-ennial or short lived perennial herb with rigid hollow stems that form a large onion like tuft to growing to 75 cm.
Leaves: Hollow onion-like leaves to 30 cm
Flowers: In Spring are white or very pale pink, 1.5 – 2 cm and grow alternately along the stem. They have a longitudinal strip of brown to red purple and close at night or in low light
Fruit and Seeds: A rounded capsule divided into 3 segments each with 1-2 seeds
Roots: Not a true onion, does not have a bulb, but tuber like parts as base of stem
Dispersal: Seeds spread on vehiclesm machinery, animals, clothing, running water
Control: Hand pull small infestations. For larger infestations spray with registered herbicide.
Reported to cause dermatitis.
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