Vines & Scramblers

Angels Trumpet

Maurandya barclayana

Infestations are usually found growing north from Sydney
  • Family Scrophulariaceae
  • Origin Mexico
  • Habit A slender herbaceous vine, glabrous except for the calyx
  • Leaves Leaves 1–3.5 cm long, 8–30 mm wide, apex acute to attenuate, basal lobes acute or obtuse, occasionally margins with minute teeth towards base, palmately 5–7-veined; petiole 1–1.5 cm long
  • Flowers Flowering in Spring/Summer, tubular flowers 10–15 mm long, purple, paler towards base; lobes much shorter than tube, obtuse, the lower 3 pointed forwards
  • Fruit Capsule 8–10 mm long
  • Roots
  • Dispersal
  • Control
This plant is featured on the Hortus Camdenensis, an illustrated catalogue of plants grown at Camden Park by William Camden between 1820 and 1861.

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