Ground Covers


Gazania spp

Gazania spp have become naturalised on coastal dunes, parks and along roadsides from sthn Sydney to the Mid north coast, the Eyre Peninsula and Mt Lofty region of Sth Australia and in the Moreton region of S.E. Queensland.
  • Family Asteraceae
  • Origin Mainly South Africa
  • Habit Clumping, low-growing perennial herb to 15 cm high. that withstands salt-laden winds and grows well in sandy soils
  • Leaves Elliptic to narrow-oblanceolate, irregularly pinnatisect, dark green above white hairy underneath.
  • Flowers Brightly coloured long stemmed daisy-like flowers to 8 cm wide, in red, bronze, yellow and orange tones. Spring to Autumn.
  • Fruit Achenes. 4 mm long; pappus scales lanceolate 2–3 mm long, with hairs covering achene.
  • Roots Fibrous root system tolerant of a wide range of soil types from sand to clay preferring dryer to free draining conditions.
  • Dispersal Abundance of seed spread by wind. Seed and vegetation spread by garden refuse dumping, contaminated soil (earthmoving/mowing equipment, car tyres etc).
  • Control Hand pull/dig, Foliar spray.

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