Ground Covers

Impatiens (Busy Lizzy)

Impatiens walleriana varieties

Readily sold at most nurseries and local markets, these colourful plants spread easily by seed and fragments. Commonly found along drains and water courses.
  • Family Balsaminaceae
  • Origin Africa
  • Habit Bushy, succulent-stemmed tender perennial that grows in a spreading mound 15-60cm tall depending on variety. Shade tolerant, favouring moist conditions.
  • Leaves Ovate to elliptic leaves light to dark green, sometimes with a bronze-red cast and serrated edges. The opposite leaves are arranged spirally around a thick, green or brownish, brittle stem. Fragments of stem re-root readily.
  • Flowers Large (to 5cm across), fleshy, with 5 petals. Pink, rose, red, lilac, purple, orange, white & bicolors. Spring-Autumn.
  • Fruit Explosive capsules contain hundreds of small, viable seeds, which are expelled some distance when ripe.
  • Roots Fibrous root system tolerant of a wide range of soil types from sand to clay.
  • Dispersal Seed and vegetation is spread by water, humans, contaminated soil (earthmoving equipment, car tyres etc) and garden refuse dumping.
  • Control Hand pull/dig, bagging all plant parts and removing from site. Foliar spray.

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