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Morning Glory

Ipomoea indica (blue) Ipomoea cairica (coastal)

Ipomoeas can readily be seen spreading along road edges and favour disturbed and open areas. They are capable of totally engulfing host trees in a relatively short period of time.
  • Family Convolvulaceae
  • Origin South America
  • Habit Robust and extensive twining perennial vine to 10m.
  • Leaves Blue: Dark green; variably heart-shaped or 3-lobed, 20-180mm long. Coastal: Light green; hairless, 5-7 -lobed, star shaped leaves to 90mm long.
  • Flowers Trumpet/funnel shaped flowers 50-80mm diameter; Purplish-blue (Blue), mauve to pale pink/red/white (Coastal). Spring-Autumn.
  • Fruit Ipomoea cairica: 4-valved brown capsule containing 4-6 seeds, which have parachute-like attachments. No seed set in Ipomoea indica.
  • Roots Fibrous initially, becoming dense, extensive and crown-like with age. Will set root from stem fragments when in contact with the soil.
  • Dispersal Seed is spread by wind, water, animals, humans, contaminated soil (earthmoving equipment, car tyres etc) and garden refuse dumping. (particularly I. indica).
  • Control Hand Dig, Skirting, Scrape and Paint, Foliar spray.

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