Bulbous & Succulent Weeds

Mother of Millions

Bryophyllum spp.

Often confused with the Australian native Christmas Bells, this mat forming plant will grow under the poorest of conditions in areas such as a crack in a rock, gravel on the side of a road or on cliff faces, sand dunes and pastures.
  • Family Crassulaceae
  • Origin Madagascar, South Africa
  • Habit Erect, smooth fleshy succulent stems to 2m, with green- pink grey stems.
  • Leaves Leaves vary depending on the species, but all are succulent either cylindrical or boat shaped and have many small teeth on the leaf tip or margins that produce new plantlets (vegetative reproduction).
  • Flowers Produced in a cluster at the tip of long stems. Flowers are drooping, bell-shaped, orange-red to scarlet, 4-lobed to 2-3cm long. Flowers mainly Winter-Spring.
  • Fruit Dry capsule, producing hundreds of tiny black seeds. Prolific seeder.
  • Roots Weak fibrous roots form from all vegetative parts.
  • Dispersal Main method of reproduction is vegetative where by stem fragments re-root. Human activities such as mowing/slashing and green waste dumping are the common method of vegetative spread. Seeds are spread by water and contaminated soil.
  • Control Difficult. Hand pull/dig, bagging all plant parts and removing from site. Foliar spray.

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