Tree Weeds

Mysore Thorn

Caesalpinia decapetala

  • Family Fabaceae
  • Origin India
  • Habit A perennial sprawling shrub. Straight or hooked thorns on the stems aid it to climb to re 15 m when supported by other vegetation which it will smother, forming impenetrable thickets
  • Leaves bipinnate to 300mm long, 8mm wide, divided into many feathery oval grey-green leaflets (dark green above and pale beneath), covered with fine hairs. There are small prickles on the rachis
  • Flowers Yellow pea-like flowers on stems have prickles at base, racemes that protrude up to 50 cm above the main plant in Winter and Spring
  • Fruit Dark brown seedpods
  • Roots Both tap and lateral roots
  • Dispersal Seeds dispersed by rodents, birds, water, machinery
  • Control Dig out smaller plants and for slightly larger cut/paint method. Registered herbicide best applied when actively growing before flowering. A wetting agent is recommended.

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