Bulbous & Succulent Weeds

Parrot Alstromoeria/ Peruvian Lily

Alstroemeria pulchella

Spreading in shady sites near the coast, forming dense clumps. Expensive and difficult to remove and takes up native habitat.
  • Family Alstroemeria
  • Origin Central and South America
  • Habit Erect perennial with numerous unbranched stems with spoonshaped leaves to 1 m high. Tuberous underground roots.
  • Leaves Twisting from base
  • Flowers Loose clusters 4-5cm across, red and green with black spots, at tops of stems. Fruit a capsule.
  • Fruit Is a capsule
  • Roots Slender rhizomes becoming crowns and tubers.
  • Dispersal Underground tubers spread underground. Fruit possibly eaten and spread by birds and or insects.
  • Control Remove the entire plant including the roots. Cut individual stems near ground and paint with full strength herbicide. Follow up required.

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