Ground Covers

Spiny Headed or Slender Mat Rush, River Reed

Lomandra hystrix

Still mistaken for local native L. longifolia and planted in bushland restoration sites. High potential to hybridise with local species leading to loss of vigour and genetic integrity. Damages ecosystems where it doesn’t belong.
  • Family Lomandraceae
  • Origin Riverine sub tropical Australia
  • Habit Tufted hardy plant with dark green, strappy leaves to 1.3 m.
  • Leaves Leaf tips pointed with 2-4 tiny side teeth lower down.
  • Flowers Clusters of fluffy yellow green or cream scented flower spikes as tall as leaf blades
  • Fruit Clusters of fluffy yellow lemon scented flower spikes on female plants mainly in spring. Primary branches of the flower spikes are in fours.
  • Roots Fibrous root system
  • Dispersal Widely used in large scale revegetation projects along roadsides and watercourses. Seedlings spread readily into neighbouring bushland.
  • Control Remove flower heads before seed set. Remove plants.

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