Tree Weeds

Tree of Heaven

Ailanthus altissima

A hardy plant with a deep root system, forms dense thickets, destroys biodiversity.
  • Family Simaroubaceae
  • Origin China
  • Habit Deciduous suckering shrub or tree to 15m.
  • Leaves 9-21 opposite pairs of strongly veined, ovate leaflets with a smaller leaf at the tip. Leaflets have a conspicuous gland that produces an unpleasant smell when crushed.
  • Flowers Male and female flowers appear in clusters on separate plants in summer.
  • Fruit Seeds are covered in a flattened wing, green turning reddish.
  • Roots Deep tap roots, a maze of lateral roots.
  • Dispersal Seed and suckers. Once planted around rural buildings.
  • Control Scrape and paint stems. Drill trunks of larger specimens.

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