Tree Weeds

Yellow Bells

Tecoma stans

Popular because of its magnificent floral display, Yellow Bells is on the increase on roadsides and disturbed bushland. Easy to grow, they are often sold at local fetes or backyard traded.
  • Family Bignoniaceae
  • Origin Central and South America. Mexico, Peru and Equador
  • Habit Evergreen many branched shrub or small tree 4-7m high.
  • Leaves Compound leaves to 8-25cm long, comprised of 5-13 leaflets. Leaflets are toothed and pointed, 2.5-10cm long and 8-30mm wide.
  • Flowers Large clusters of showy, bright yellow trumpet-shaped flowers in Spring-Summer. Formed at the branch tips and forks.
  • Fruit Green bean like seed pods aging brown, 10-22cm long x 20mm wide produced from spring to autumn, each containing numerous winged seeds.
  • Roots Substantial tap root that gives rise to many laterals.
  • Dispersal Seed spread by water, wind, humans, contaminated soil (earthmoving equipment, car tyres etc) and garden refuse dumping.
  • Control Hand Dig juvenile plants. Cut and Paint or Scrape and Paint. Bag and dispose of all seed pods.

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