Bulbous & Succulent Weeds

These plants are extremely hardy due to their above ground and below ground storage structures, which are modified leaves, stems and roots.

This group of plants includes all of the Asparagus species. These plants are prolific, hardy (drought-resistant), shade tolerant and highly invasive. They have extensive underground rhizomes that form thick mats capable of reducing water penetration into soil; vigorous vegetative structures that are capable of smothering native vegetation and produce copious amounts of berries (red or black) that are readily consumed and spread by animals and birds. They are also spread by green waste dumping as rhizomes are capable of surviving for long periods of time out of the soil.

Agapanthus flower Agapanthus Agapanthus spp.
Zantedeschia aethiopica Arum Lily Zantedeschia aethiopica
Asparagus asparagoides Asparagus – Bridal Creeper Asparagus asparagoides
Protasparagus plumosus Asparagus – Climbing Protasparagus plumosus, Protasparagus setaceous
Asparagus officinalis Asparagus – Culinary Asparagus officinalis
Protasparagus aethiopicus Asparagus – Ground Protasparagus aethiopicus, Protasparagus densiflorus
Canna indica flower Canna Lily/Indian Shot Canna indica, Canna x generalis
Colocasia esculenta Elephants Ears (Taro) Colocasia esculenta
Nephrolepis cordifolia Fishbone Fern Nephrolepis cordifolia
Lilium formosanum Formosa Lily Lilium formosanum
Hedychium gardnerianum Ginger Lily Hedychium gardnerianum
Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora Montbetia Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora
Bryophyllum spp. Mother of Millions Bryophyllum spp.
Alstroemeria pulchella Parrot Alstromoeria/ Peruvian Lily Alstroemeria pulchella
Yucca aloifolia Spanish Bayonet Yucca aloifolia, Yucca spp.
Watsonia meriana var. bulbillifera Wild Watsonia Watsonia meriana var. bulbillifera